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Stone's Special Reserve

Can you take the heat?!

Described by some as “Stone’s on Steroids”, Stone’s Special Reserve takes Stone’s Original Ginger Wine and pumps the Volume up to 11 with the addition of a range of secret herbs and spices and extra ginger for a massive ginger hit.

Not for the faint hearted, this super premium version of Stone's Ginger Wine is a brilliant, deep golden brown colour. Intense, pungent ginger and spice aromas hit you from the very first whiff, whilst on the tongue the fiery ginger flavours are balanced by a rich, unctuous sweetness. The flavour hangs in your mouth forever with a powerful hit of ginger, caramel and spice tingling the taste buds. Sip it "on the rocks", as a mixer or blended with soda water for a spirited version of dry ginger ale.

Alcohol – 18.0% alc. vol.

Size - 750mL

Coeliac Friendly


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