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Stone's "Spring" Pack

Stone’s, the perennial winter favourite  has mixed it up and is now the go to mixer for the Spring and Summer season with a super easy and refreshing way to spice up your life.

Quite simply…….Stone's and Soda!

Soda lightens Stone’s and instantly turns it into a refreshing, gluggable drink perfect for sharing over crushed ice at barbecues and in beer gardens.

The recommended mix is 1 part Stone’s to 2 parts soda – meaning a 750ml bottle of Stone’s, plus ice and soda creates 2 jugs of this fantastic elixir with a final alcohol strength of 4.6%, the same as many beers. Some may like it stronger, some weaker, however you like it get amongst it and share it with your friends.

To bring this fantastic drink to life we have created a fantastic limited edition package for our Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine. So grab one now and Mix it Up.

Alcohol - 13.9% alc. vol.

Size - 750mL

Coeliac Friendly


Stones Original Drink

Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine

Stones Reserve Drink

Stone's Special Reserve

Stones Mac Drink

Stone's Mac

Stones Ginger Joe Drink

Stone's Ginger Joe

Stones Premium Ginger Beer Drink

Stone's Premium Ginger Beer

Stones Original Ginger Beer Drink

Stone's Original Ginger Beer

Stones Spring Drink

Stone's "Spring" Pack