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Stone's Original Ginger Beer

Stone’s fans we listened (with over 1000 emails, hundreds of phone calls and many letters on the topic is was hard not to!) and it’s back.

Developing our new ginger masterpiece took us longer than we would have liked but the original flavour that made Stone’s Premium Alcoholic Ginger Beer so sought after has finally been recreated by our Ginger Master in this “New” Stone’s Original Ginger Beer.

Stone’s Original is once again what every Stone’s product should be – the absolute epitome of Ginger beverage with which to tantalise and tingle your taste buds.

So Gingeristas rejoice. Now you can relive those balmy nights, icy cold Stone’s Original Ginger Beer in hand, savouring all of the spicy, sweet gingery goodness with every gulp. It is the perfect accessory for many a dish – from an Asian inspired salad, to spicy pork ribs through to a grilled chicken with seasonal veg.

However you enjoy it – enjoy it well! A refreshing, zingy drink with a definite hit of ginger both on the nose and palate that is moderated by a softening sweetness.

Alcohol - 3.8% alc. vol.

Size - 6 x 330mL

Coeliac Friendly


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